Relato has a low contrast and “a muscular” structure that makes it useful for setting longer text. In display sizes it has an variety of details that lends it a unique and personal expression. The formal principle of the serif, the variety of terminal strokes and the combination of curves and semi-straight lines gives the Relato a more “human” flavor.
The inspiration for the design comes from different traditional calligraphic styles. The upper case letter, for example, is based on roman capitals from the Rennaissance, whereas the lower case relates to humanist handwriting. Even so, Relato is a decidedly contemporary typeface, proposing individual ideas on the design of type.
The italic has a distinct typographic color thanks to the construction principle of broken lines. The bold weights have an increased contrast in the union of the strokes which helps improve legibility in small sizes and reinforce their personality in display sizes. Relato family is presented in 5 different styles, in Regular, Italic, Small caps, Semibold and Bold.



Selected in "Premios Laus 2005" Barcelona.

Favorite Fonts of 2005

Relato Serif Family

5 fonts – 169 €



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