Bohemia has been conceived by the intention to be used supporting a good "performance" in all sizes. Not inspired in by a concrete model, it’s a modern vision of a whole epoch: the typographical atmosphere of the ends of the 19th century. Bohemia brings together the characteristics of the transition typefaces and the modern ones, being his principal axis vertical. Nevertheless, the transition of the thick outlines to the thin ones is harmonic avoiding the vertical emphasis that characterizes the typefaces of its style.
The contrast is one of the variables that marks the point of inflexion among the display typefaces and the texts ones. It was a determinant factor of the design in this case to look for the ideal contrast to work in an effective way both in texts and in headlines. Bohemia has been published in an exclusive way by Linotype Library.



Certificate of Excellence in Type Design» TDC2 2004 New York.

1st Prize. 4th Linotype Library's International Type Design Contest 2003.
Select in 21st International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2004
Select in Bienal Letras Latinas 200




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